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Director – Aleksei Alferov

Genre – Drama

Duration – 21 minutes 52 seconds

Country – Russian Federation

Language – Russian

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : A young guy Yuri, having moved from the province to Moscow, and having got a job in a fraudulent organization, in the first working week, robs the grandmother of “God’s dandelion” for a large sum of money.

The hero, who did not plan any relationship, meets his love a few months later. The feeling turns out to be mutual and young people get married quickly.

In the midst of the wedding, it turns out that his bride is the granddaughter of the grandmother whom the hero robbed and who died suddenly after that.

Deeply shocked hero, experiencing the torment of conscience. In the dream, he returns to his grandmother’s apartment again, where she forgives him.


Official Selection May 2023
Best Short Fiction Film May 2023

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