Director – Rohit Lila Ram

Genre –

Duration – 9 minutes 38 seconds

Country – United States​

Language – English​

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : An old couple, Helene and Jakob watch a ballet performance of the “Grand Pas, Pas de Deux” from The Nutcracker. This reminds them of their time as ballet dancers during which they performed this same dance together. They enter the memory, but it soon brings negative emotions. They begin to critique the dancers, though they really speak of each other, to each other. They exchange grievances with each other regarding their relationship and ultimately come to understand that their love has already reached to an end, as has the dance. Then… it is revealed that they were not watching a dance at all but projecting the same shared memory through which they could communicate to each other. They separate. Helene hesitantly leads to the stage, she questions herself while Jakob in misery of acceptance. Jakob watches her leave to the stage as she graces in her ballet pose embracing her freedom. Jakob surrenders and accepts the fact that the relationship doesn’t exist anymore and they’re in their peaceful state of letting it go.


Official Selection July 2023

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