Director – Zymere Flucas

Genre – Comedy, Mystery

Duration – 10 minutes 7 seconds

Country – United States​

Language – English​

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : Jarel is busy trying to do his homework when suddenly something peeks through his front door and back out. It is a mysterious puppet peeping through his door. At first, Jarel doesn’t pay any mind to it; but as time goes on, the puppet makes itself known. Jarel gets very confused and a little scared, so he tries to phone his friend Roger and explains his situation, to which Roger is in disbelief and dismisses his friend. After that, he gets even more stressed because he knows he is not going crazy. He knows that something suspicious is going on. The next night, Jarel sees something on his wall, then the puppet makes his reappearance. It is back at it again spying on Jarel, trying to mess with him. Stuck in this predicament, Jarel attempts to catch the puppet and put a stop to the harassment and stress he’s been enduring.


Official Selection August 2023

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