Director – Jordan-Paige Sudduth

Genre – Adventure, Dramatic Comedy

Duration – 52 minutes 45 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : Cyrus Price and his friends are the runts of the litter, and always have been. Bella (known as Bluebell to her friends) has an unpleasant past and most of her family is in jail, Avery’s a killer dancer but can’t catch a ball to save his life and is teased for it daily, Abcd’e (affectionately nicknamed Alphabet, even though it’s ironic) is quite intelligent, but being severely dyslexic, she can’t read a thing. Alexander’s adopted and while he’s got a great adoptive family with plenty of other adopted siblings, sometimes his anger at his biological parents threatens to take over. Cyrus has already got an alcoholic mom, but when his brother Ben suddenly can’t be found one morning, his journal shoved under his bed reveals that he may have been kidnapped by his trusted boyfriend, AJ. After gathering evidence and finding where AJ may have taken Ben, Cyrus and the rest of the crew heads off to find him and get him back, but what they find out ends up being more heartbreaking than they thought.


Official Selection August 2019

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