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Director – Sreeraj Rajeev S

Genre – Drama, narrative, fiction

Duration – 24 minutes

Country – India

Language – Malayalam

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : Charlie a school kid wins the second prize for a lucky coupon he sold out to Manikandan, a canteen worker in his school boarding. Charlie comes back to the school after his Christmas holidays to the news of Manikantan’s suicide. He hears multiple narratives regarding the reason for the tragic end of Manikandan. Most of the narratives point to the immoral life of Manikandan’s wife as the reason for his death. Charlie makes some attempts to understand what people mean by ‘immoral woman.’ And he seems more puzzled with each attempt. Meanwhile, Robin, Charlie’s close friend and senior in the school tries to force Charlie to sell the prize (mixer grinder) and use the money for leisurely activities. Charlie is confused as what to do with the prize. He is unable to decide whether to hand over the prize to Manikandan’s wife who is considered as the reason for Mani’s death. At the same time, he develops a strong desire to see the woman.‘Second Prize’ revolves around the kid’s dilemma in dealing with the prize.


Official Selection March 2019

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