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Director – Carlos Milite

Genre –

Duration – 27 minutes 3 seconds

Country – Italy

Language – Italian

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : Naimi suddenly wakes up subsequent to a bad dream. Once with her sister Miriel she starts doing chores when she meets an unforeseen guest: the lady doesn’t know that Tareg arrived in order to train her in the use of a mysterious power. The night has passed, and Naimi wakes up in an unknown forest, ready to start her tough training. Once she discovers her true identity together with her role in the battle against Muruk – he who exterminated the elves and the Tasari warriors – she rushes to the farm, knowing thta Miriel may be in danger. Yet, it’s too late.Devastated by the loss of her adopted sister, Naimi works on her skills and dreams about being able to destroy the obscure threat. The day of the final battle soon arrives: after an intense fight, Tareg is defeated by Muruk, and Naimi is now left to be the one in charge. Shrouded in darkness, the young fighter manages to crush the dark lord, and bring back the master’s sword beyond the elven world’s limits.


Official Selection April 2019

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