Director – Ivan Matos

Genre –

Duration – 12 minutes 25 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2022

SYNOPSIS : When quarantine worldwide finally starts to be lifted, people eagerly start to go out again after being isolated for so long, however a young latino guy named Brandon decides to keep staying inside his apartment alone like if nothing had changed, as he finds more peace being on his own than with people, becoming what’s known as a “Shut-in”.

Message for the film festival: Hi! Thank you so much for watching my short film! I just wanted to clarify that all the footage that has not been filmed by me does not have copyright and is free to use. In regards to the music used, there are songs in the short that are copyright free, and I also bought the licenses of the rest of the songs in order to use them.

Here is my contact info in case it’s needed:


Official Selection December 2022

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