Director – Joshua Ortiz & Murry Haithcock

Genre – Fantasy, Comedy, Action, Superhero, Romance

Duration – 12 minutes 48 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2022

SYNOPSIS : Rosette, Goldfinch Man, and Dynamic Laser are training in the park when a new villain arrives on the scene! How will they defeat this new villain?! Will Windy and Shaker return from Majestic City to help?!

Josh Ortiz, Wendy Gotshall Mitchell, Kenneth Tatsu Fulton, Robert Angelo, Brendan L. Davis, Murry Haithcock, David Nelson, and composer Tom THX all return for this “final” episode with new faces in the form of Caitlin Ortiz, Ethan Ortiz, and Emilia Ortiz.


Official Selection April 2022

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