Director – Anastasiya Yavtushenko

Genre –

Duration – 15 minutes 4 seconds

Country – Ukraine

Language – Russian, Ukrainian

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : The actions of the documentary film take place in Kryvyi Rih city at the time of the full-scale invasion. The first scene starts with a meeting with the two main characters. The mother Svetlana Goldun and her son Dmitriy Yavtushenko. The first dialog happened on 22 February 2022 before the full-scale invasion. Characters don’t believe in the beginning of the war, but the next scene is showing us the war-time in December 2022. Dmitriy is driving across the city, he is taking attention to fabrics and mentioning his father. He arrives at the apartment of his mother Sveta. They discuss the popular Russian show “Field of Miracles’’ and try to figure out who their enemy is. The next scene takes us to the events of spring 2022 when Sveta writes down the sirens daily on a piece of paper. She writes down the sticks and talks about how there were 6 sirens a couple of days ago. Actions take place again in December 2022. The characters remember their husband and father, who died a couple of years ago. His portraits hang throughout the apartment. April 2022, Svetlana is recording sirens for another day. On December 6th, the main characters are sitting in a room, talking about rocket attacks and discussing military tactics. April 2022, Svetlana wrote down sirens again. On December 11, 2022, after the rocket attacks, the family is discussing the upcoming blackout, and Svetlana shows the room of her deceased husband. On May 2, the main characters stand in the cemetery and recall stories from their past lives.

The culmination of the film is in December. It’s a kitchen conversation between Dima and Sveta about the need to switch to the Ukrainian language. The main character calls it a trend. The next scene takes us back to April, where Svetlana says that the Molfars predicted the end of the war in October. This is a very long time for her. December 2022. Svetlana says she has stopped recording sirens but still cannot get used to the war.


Official Selection April 2023

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