Director – Laurent Everaerts

Genre – Drama, suspense, humour, pilot

Duration – 2 minutes 23 seconds

Country – Canada

Language – English

Year – 2016

SYNOPSIS : The Monica Care Affair will be told in ten chapters.With Monica, day or night, you never get bored!Who is Monica?Beatrice Normand Tessier – alias MonicaCare is a former bank robber converted in the sale of cosmetics. Still under the close supervision of her probation officer, she must show their credentials. However, her agent is not fooled. Rather, she seems convinced that she bamboozles and Sophie Desmarais – the officer – determined to see through the game of this extravagant woman.Angel black day Monica became a blonde demon night. The Queen, this is her! There is no king on her chessboard. Beatrice becomes Monica.


Official Selection December 2016

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