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Director – Eduardo Cocciardo

Genre –

Duration – 1 hour 37 minutes

Country – Italy

Language – Italian

Year – 2022

SYNOPSIS : Italy. At the time of the coronavirus. Matteo Rovere is a paranoid and hypochondriac over 40 years old who lives in a modest apartment in the company of his old mother, facing his monotonous days in an obsessive way to say the least. He goes out very little, and when he does, he disinfects every single object several times to go shopping or to buy cigarettes. He does not enter the house unless he has first taken off his shoes and almost completely undressed. He does not even touch his face without first washing his hands thoroughly, disinfecting money, lighters, keys, cigarettes with denatured alcohol … In short, in a short time his life became hell. For this compulsive attitude he quarrels daily with his mother, finding a moment of peace and respite only on the internet, where he is in contact with Ravi, a kind of holy man who educates people about the next end of the civilized world, Astra, a young future mother with whom he has formed a tender friendship, Salvatore, an elderly former colleague who has recently retired, and Andrea, a young nephew who lives in the north with an alcoholic mother and dreams of becoming a science fiction writer. And it is precisely in some excerpts of his latest manuscript that Matthew will find a part of himself, in that reference to the planet Neptune, the last outpost of the solar system, a symbol of loneliness and marginality, of being irremediably offline. One day the computer, the only bridge that still binds it to the outside, fails. A technician, Roberto, arrives at the house who, shortly after the repair, is warned by the health authorities that he must immediately put himself in isolation, following the positivity of a relative. The coach is thus forced to stay at Matteo’s house, unfortunately involved in the swirl of contacts. But things will soon take an unexpected turn. After locking him up in a closet, Matteo will understand that he cannot refrain from establishing some form of communication with the intruder. Coming into contact with the unknown, a sort of alien from another galaxy, will mean for him to start a journey within himself, in search of a key that can open what he has always kept hidden inside, thus returning to the trail of a past that has never stopped looking for him.


Official Selection May 2022

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