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Director – Carlos Milite

Genre –

Duration – 13 minutes 45 seconds

Country – Italy

Language – Italian

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : Ivan is one of the many 24 years old men that struggles to find a job. From childhood he suffers his father abuses, which-after his wife death- unleashes his wrath upon him, blaiming him for the death of her beloved bride. Ivan can’t avoid feeling like a failure, also because his father keeps comparing him to his brother Luca wich is the apple of his father’s eye. Luca managed to find his way in life, conducting a succesfull career in London, while Ivan can’t figure this out, and he’s constantly groping in the dark. The tension in the house is almost tangible and father and son keep fighting each other. During one of these many arguments Ivan discovers that his brother would’ve come to pay a visit shortly being still very fond of his family. By the time Luca gets home Ivan his just an empty shell, the shadow of a man, and he’s already predicting to put an end to his misery. In a desperate attempt to escape his tormented life Ivan decides to exploit the hunting trip that Luca has palanned to save his brother from their father constant harassments and makes the decision of killing himself with his own rifle.


Official Selection June 2019

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