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Director – Abhishek Basu

Genre –

Duration – 6 minutes 7 seconds

Country – India

Language – Hindi

Year – 2020

SYNOPSIS : Kolkata city early morning, showing the busy city.Hassall bustle of office time.Suddenly we see a huge under construction building with no people around. Camera moves and goes inside the under construction building, showing the steps, and goes to the 1st floor, showing the whole ambience inside the building. Camera shows a shadow of someone on a chair, trying to move but seems like been stranded…struggling hard to get loose…..shakiness. shaking & struggling head of head movements, fast and then looks with the head down, reveals legs are tied up together.head straight look towards a vacant construction floor. We see, back of the chair, showing 2 hands of a person is tied up with a rope on the chair. Struggling to untie.After this we come to see a girl is tied to a wooden chair.Low angle camera shot, from the floor, moving towards the chair, as if someone is going towards the girl. Then we see the whole figure of the girl on the chair, showing expression of the girl, struggling, scared, discomfort, trying to untie herself, shaking her legs. We see the girl with same expressions. Prominent facial expressions of the girl,is shown, with perspirations on the face, aggressive look, growling sounds of moaning , wide eye expressions.Time lapse montaj shots of the girl in discomfort trying to grab a wooden block at night, but failing to do that, struggling to untie herself with expression of frustrations.Early morning next day, the girl, half asleep, tired, scared with perspiration on her face. Slowly wakes up, slowly opens her eyes with discomfort moaning.Girl moves her head straight towards the camera, mid close. Slowly opens her eyes.Suddenly we hear and watch an alarm clock ringing, time- 7AM,Now we see the same girl who was sleeping, wakes up with fear… breathing heavily, sweating and looks around realizing she is at home, and was dreaming (nightmare) and stops the alarm ringing She takes the mobile phone kept beside the bed. She takes the mobile phone on hand. and realises there are already 20missed calls.The last call was done by Ravi. Suddenly Ravi calls.She takes the call.” Hello , sorry baby, I was sleeping and my phone was in silent mode-• Ravi – I knew, so early in the morning, you- (voice over)Sanjana: hmm… so many miscalls? What happened?Ravi – “Sanjana “- actually I was so messed up and tensed, wanted to give you the news-. (voice over)Sanjana – What happened? Will you tell me? Why are you so tensed early in the morning?Ravi voice over – Mahek is missing from yesterday. Today early morning, a person called up aunty (mehek’s mother).She is kidnapped. (Voice over)Aunty (mehek’s Mother) tried to reach you several times over phone, but couldn’t get you.(voice over)We 3 are very good friends and she is such a simple, helpfull, non harmful girl. Still so…..And we show a different girl being tied up on the same location in the same way ,with few montaj shotsRavi says -That is why, I was so tensed. Sanjana, Sanjana, Sanjana?Expressions of Sanjana getting surprised ,sad and tensed, shocked, mixed reactions.Sanjana – “ I think I know that place.”With surprising and shocking expressions.Revealing that the nightmare she has seen and faced in her dreams, the same thing has happened with her girl friend at the same location.


Official Selection August 2020

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