Director – George Breadman, George Louridas

Genre –

Duration – 2 minutes 42 seconds

Country – Greece

Language – English

Year – 2022

SYNOPSIS : The song “What can break this echo” is the theme song from the short movie “The Clay and the Girl” by George Louridas. It is a dialogue between piano and voice. It expresses the sorrow and the hard way to deal with a loss. The lyrics and the orchestration attempt to capture the metaphysical dimension of mental pain, the dark world of the movie heroes and the redemption they seek.

Lyricist & Vocalist | George Breadman

Composer & Pianist | Christos Danakas

Video Editors: George Breadman & George Louridas



Is that you?

There in the shadow

Will this pain become a dust

and go with the wind?

Just like a candle when you blow its flame

Just like a nightmare that you wish to end

What can break this echo?


Where are you?

I’m drowned in the silence

What can break this echo?

Is that you?


Official Selection April 2022

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