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Director – Andreas Ortner

Genre – CineStageArt, Art, SciFi, Experimental, Fantasy, Culture, Society, Social, Rights, Human Rights, Social Change

Duration – 9 minutes 13 seconds

Country – Austria

Language – German

Year – 2022

SYNOPSIS : ‘Change of Course’ a surreal CineStageArt short film project.

MÖLLTAL / AUSTRIA. Corona keeps the world in suspense. The small community of Stall (formerly Wildegg) in Carinthia / Austria is the lucky exception here. The moderator of the mind and the moderator of the heart meet in a stable in this place and reflect the situation in a game of surreal self-reflection and intense thoughts about a seemingly hopeless situation. A solution is offered.

It is an art short film of controversy, both in terms of subject matter and image design. Very contrasting color schemes, monologues to an imaginary audience as well as dialogues between the artists standing on an imaginary stage and the interplay between reality and surreality lead critically, sometimes impulsively and yet gently through timeless sociopolitical topics without losing self-reflection. Change of Course is a witness of time.

Due to Corona, the filming was carried out on a very small scale and in compliance with the national statutory pandemic regulations.

Change of Course does not call for a mask refusal or other resistance. It promotes awareness and encourages more self-reflection and a sense of responsibility for yourself and all other living beings.


Official Selection November 2022

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