Director – Toby Wulff

Genre – Music Video

Duration – 4 minutes 31 seconds

Country – ​​Germany

Language – English

Year – 2018

SYNOPSIS : “One Prayer” is telling the real story about the important change in Déborah’s life. As a teenager she suffered on anorexia. One day reached a particularly critical point of this disease. Her body was at the end of all powers and she nearly died. One day, walking through the corridors of her home, she heard her parents crying. Crying out of desperation, crying full of fear of losing her beloved daughter. Through all that pain she heard her fathers words: “She is not lost, we just have to believe and continue praying”.For this music video Déborah invited the swiss exceptional dancer Carmela Bonomi. Directed by Toby Wulff she brings life in an drearly and surrealistic surrounding telling the expressive story of “ONE PRAYER”. A harmonic marriage of three art pieces and an incredibly strong symbiosis of music, dance and film.


Official Selection January 2018

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