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Director – Iria Sanjurjo

Genre –

Duration – 28 minutes 55 seconds

Country – Spain

Language – Spanish

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : The processes of transformation, experimented by people within the framework of a ritual, creates a special world, which has barely been dealt with visually before. The transformations usually happen at night, in private and hidden spaces.These preparatory moments hold basic keys to understand where a person is in their daily world and where it ends. The purpose is to prove one´s own willpower, after accepting to be a protagonist of the ritual.In the Empalaos of Valverde de la Vera, one of the trascendental, intimate and secret moments, is when the “offered” is wrapped by his loved ones and is prepared for the ritual. The transition, when the penitent goes out to the streets of the town, in front of neighbours and spectators, is an intense moment in this religious celebration. It has rarely been covered, due to its intimate nature.Throughout the preparation of the penitent, contained emotions, tenderness and body language create a collective solidarity between everyone involved. This collective solidarity transmits to the penitent all the strength necessary to carry out their promise.


Official Selection February 2019

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