Director – Lolly McLellan

Genre – Horror, Thriller

Duration – 17 minutes 28 seconds

Country – United States​

Language – English​

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : “If My Candle Burns Blue” is a suspenseful and nail-biting thriller that revolves around Skyler, a young woman working at a quaint bookstore. One evening, while shelving books with her friend Veronica, she encounters a manic and disheveled man who leaves behind an old and peculiar leather-bound book. Little does Skyler know that this seemingly innocent encounter will unravel a series of terrifying events.

As the night progresses, Skyler becomes increasingly drawn to the book’s enigmatic contents, which recount unsettling and ominous passages about murder and vengeance. The candle on the counter mysteriously flickers blue when she reads from the book, marking her fate. She begins to experience haunting visions of a 1940s theater in which the hunt for her life begins.

The line between reality and the supernatural blurs, leading Skyler on a harrowing journey to discover the truth behind the book and its connection to the events unfolding around her.

Throughout the story, Skyler battles her own fear, desperation, and growing sense of powerlessness, all while trying to decipher the cryptic messages hidden within the book. The past and present converge as Skyler must confront her darkest fears and make difficult choices to end the haunting loop and put an end to the malevolent force that craves the hunt.

“If My Candle Burns Blue” is a gruesome tale that explores the thin line between reality and the supernatural. This gripping thriller keeps readers on the edge of their seats, questioning the boundaries of existence and the price of our actions.


Official Selection September 2023

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