Director – Helge Kallevik

Genre – Video Art, Art, Music Video, Music, Artistic, Performance, Shortfilm, Short

Duration – 5 minutes 25 seconds

Country – Norway

Language – English

Year – 2018

SYNOPSIS : Music video with Joakim Lund starring as actor, songwriter and singer in the beautiful town hall in Haugesund. The building was built in new classical style and was completed in 1931. The magnificent city hall over two levels, as well as recording in the studio, forms the backdrop of the music video. The concept in the video is open to interpretation. It shows a man on two levels. One is painted in white makeup, the other has a marked black strip or mask painted over the eyes. One observes the other. It can remind a battle between the good and the evil, heaven or hell or black and white. The video also shows various floral kaleidoscopes projected in the dome of the city hall. These are based on and inspired by digital artwork by the artist, Joakim Lund. Love Falls Softly is an intense musical short film that is almost perceived as meditative and provides room for reflection.


Official Selection October 2018

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