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Director – Michael Hadley

Genre – Web Series, Comedy, Cringe Comedy, Workplace Comedy, Renaissance Faire, Game of Thrones, Cosplay

Duration – 23 minutes

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2016

SYNOPSIS : Knights of New Jersey is a comedic, behind-the-scenes look at a troupe of Renaissance Faire actors and the passions, aspirations and petty humiliations that arise as they attempt to bring their vision to life.A mashup of “The Office” and “Medieval Times,” Knights brings us into the unique, make-believe world of the Faire, where Game of Thrones cosplay fans, Steampunk divas and weekend Wizards mingle with Mundanes—aka normal people. Friendships are strained, love blossoms and politics trumps all.Funny, cringe-inducing and yeah, occasionally heart-warming, Knights shows us the make-believe world of the Faire—perhaps one of the few places in New Jersey where virtues like courage, honor and leadership are real.


Official Selection July 2016

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