Director – Rickie ‘Typo’ Crouch

Genre –

Duration – 5 minutes 24 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : Hope you enjoy our first music video for global unity – we hope it inspires you all to be united in this world in peace, harmony and positivity. Love, Trinity is a 16-year old artist/songwriter with a heart of gold. She was approached by a youth organization called Team1RHR (One Race, Human Race) to write a song to promote their message of love, unity & positivity. She decided to expand the project by asking her mentor, Ian Sloane, for help. Ian being a music educator with roots heavy in Hollywood’s music scene could not only handle the pressure of a large recording but also the 50 Hollywood kids and beyond Trinity planned on inviting to perform on the song! Trinity has been organizing monthly charity teen music nights to give young people a place to try out and perform their new covers and originals so was able to tap into the best young talent in LA.With a little help from these like-minded friends & a lot of soul Ian and Trinity created a magical song to bring change & hope to this world. The compassionate lyrics from the beautiful soul of Trinity combined with Ian’s seamless pop track with the best young voices in Hollywood made an incredible song called ‘Love Is The Only River’. Trinity chose her friends specifically for their talent and coincidentally it became a beautiful group of different backgrounds and cultures from ages 8-18. The song was mixed & mastered by 6X Grammy award winning engineer, Richard Furch and it was recorded live at the donated facilities of The Musicians Institute. The world premiere was shared across the 7 continents within a unity project through a number of global youth charities.All profits of the song are being donated to charities supporting children around the world. This is a pop song w a purpose to break down walls, unite the world and spread love. Trinity’s catchy hooks also capture your heart along with Ian’s memorable track.On behalf of all the artists on the song we hope you love the world ’cause it will love you back!


Official Selection March 2019

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