Director – Konstantyn Napolov

Genre – Music Video

Duration – 10 minutes 30 seconds

Country – Netherlands

Language – English

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : The director’s idea behind this work points to the typical shape of an arch in an ancient building. It naturally finds its way from silence, into rhythmic gestures, growing into a quiet pulsing wall of sound and image, and then back to its roots on the altar of prayers. The effect of a microscope, where music and image are embraced as one whole by zooming in and out, is taking its beginning in the emotional sphere created by the marvellous choreography of Harold Luya. The music by leading film composer Daniel Wohl, commissioned and performed by the Trio, emphasizes the deepness of human struggle and ubiquitous changes, showing once again that nothing is permanent. The drama of life when the once mighty person tried everything in his life and as a result of unrequited love ends his life in struggle and leaves this known world of sin by excepting the poison from his beloved. Who can survive life and love is a question of infinity. the music video is edited by Peter Budding.


Official Selection March 2023

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