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Director – Mat Charles

Genre –

Duration – 1 hour 17 minutes 30 seconds

Country – Colombia

Language – Spanish

Year – 2021

SYNOPSIS : Abducted, cheated and forced to fight in a war that wasn´t theirs. Former child soldiers of the FARC recount one of the most shocking yet least known atrocities of Colombia´s civil war. Dozens of young fighters were killed as the Colombian Army unleased its military might against the Arturo Ruíz mobile column in 2000. The guerrilla unit was made up largely of teenagers, who had been abducted from their schools and homes earlier that year. During a 500 mile trek that lasted for five months, young combatants lived unimaginable horrors, culminating in a long and bloody battle with the military. For the army, Operation Berlin was a glorious victory. But survivors tell tales of army brutality and extrajudicial killings. Many children remain missing. Now for the first time, both military and guerrilla commanders face up to the reality of the atrocity in this feature-length animated documentary.


Official Selection October 2021

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