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Director – Hemant Nilim Das

Genre – Hostage Drama, Thriller

Duration – 1 hour 42 minutes

Country – India

Language –Hindi

Year – 2016

SYNOPSIS : WORLDWIDE, kidnapping have been a business of 150 Billion Dollars per year. This is the kidnapping saga of a girl who is worth of millions. The kidnappers are professionals who are in to kidnapping (pocketing) business. But what they are not aware is the true identity of the girl that they have kidnapped. Shot in one long continuous shot, this is truly India’s first UNCUT feature film shot for a exact two hour long duration. This can be touted as a rare feat even in international cinema. Pocket gangsters signify a world of pocketing human lives and in return demands an obscene amount of money from the relatives or friends of the victim. In the story, the film covers some 23 locations expanding a 2 HOURS of journey where the hostage is taken through a rough and gruelling journey before the destination is reached… And with huge twist and turn throughout, the perfect picture shows that pocket gangsters can win the race, but at what price. A truly gangster spirited FEATURE with its own guts and glory…


Official Selection September 2016

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