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Director – Chris Fried

Genre – Short, Drama

Duration – 19 minutes 26 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2016

SYNOPSIS : A visceral character driven drama starring up and coming young talent Drew Connick and veteran character actor Noel Gugliemi (The Dark Knight Rises, Training Day, The Fast and Furious franchise), The Void chronicles the struggles of Luke (Drew Connick), a young veteran of the Iraq War. In the aftermath of a violent confrontation with a gang of vicious drug dealers led by Zane (Noel Gugliemi), Luke dives into a psychological unraveling that forces him to confront the traumas he experienced as a Marine serving on the front lines. Written and directed by Marine veteran Chris Fried, The Void is an authentic and haunting look at the all too real impact combat has on those who serve.


Official Selection September 2016

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