“Skinhead” (originally called “Crâne rasé”) is a French film written and directed by Naima Chebahi. The film is extremely well directed, highly compact and has a strong message. The 3 minutes 26 seconds film is an eye opener and shakes us to the core by making the audience realize what true love really is. It’s a perfect example of how a strong bonding and powerful relationship should be, rising much above clichés.

The lead character has been played by Aymeric Naude, who does it extremely well in portraying an adamant, carefree, powerful and emotional person. His acting is natural, lucrative and strong. He has an attractive screen presence as well. 

The message of the film is intense and is a perfect slap on the face of societal hypocrisy. Naima has done an excellent job in telling a much needed story in a perfectly easy way that audiences throughout the world would easily relate too. The film does not have unnecessary dialogues and has a fast pace.

Every shot is well composed and no unnecessary transition techniques has been used throughout. All the shots are perfectly designed as per the requirement of the script. The cinematography is such that it makes the screen language of the film easy to understand and is capable of grabbing the attention of the viewers.

The use of music is pretty good throughout the film, making it palatable and entertaining for the audience as well. “Skinhead” is an “Anoria Films” production. It is neatly edited and beautifully put together. All other supporting actors have performed their best making the film flawless.

Overall, “Skinhead” is one of those few films which gives a strong message to the society in a way which is entertaining, crisp and undeniably hard hitting. The film is definitely a success in making the audience watch it over and over again, keeping them glued to their seats.

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