The Fundraiser” is a short film directed and written by Jim Calarco and produced by Claire Calarco. The film as interesting watch, well-crafted and finely executed. The leading roles are played by Jim Calarco and Claire Calarco themselves, who have done an excellent job. The character of Betty played by Claire could not have been better. The acting was at par with international acting standards. She had made such a wonderful representation of an old religious woman with a twist, that it definitely deserves an applause. There has been no part of the film which was in anyway draggy or unnecessary. The 6 minutes 37 seconds film was full of humour, satire and entertainment. The dialogues were apt at bringing out the emotions, expressions and intentions of the characters at its best. The script was successful in shifting the mood of the plot through extremely well formed lines. There has been no directional flaws and every purpose of the story has been justly represented. The story of an old woman who is canvassing the neighbourhood to raise funds for her charity and asking a resident for directions had never been this interesting. The film is a complete package and is definitely worth watching more than once. Cinematography was done by Gerry Kingsley and the editing was done by Greg Tremblay. Every shot is perfect and not at all complex. Therefore the film caters to all sorts of audience and definitely a family watch. The editing is smooth and has been effortlessly done. The use of music has made in such a way that it adds to the flavour of the film and helps in heightening the drama by enhancing the mood and the emotions of the scenes and the characters. Besides the fun part the film does not fail n giving out a strong message. It talks about perception, reality and deception in a way which is relatable, palatable and powerful. Though the film seems pretty easy to understand in the beginning, gesturing towards a predictable ending, a careful watch would reveal minute details which ultimately builds up towards an unexpected climax.

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