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Director – Judson Vaughan

Genre – Fantasy, Horror

Duration – 24 minutes

Country – United Kingdom

Language – English

Year – 2016

SYNOPSIS : A strange tale of love, lust, deceit and karmic retribution. When Freddie Dale’s girlfriend sleeps with his house-mate, he is persuaded by his good friend Viz Verdi to unleash revenge through the manipulation of cosmic forces – Hindi dark magic that is Jadoo, on his unsuspecting housemate Ben with somewhat unusual repercussions. Freddie doesn’t expect any of the nonsense to work, but his friend Viz has other ideas as the two unwittingly bumble their way through a spell. An unusual set of events unfold that will change their perceptions of life, existence and the unknown forever…’When the need is desperate and the want impure, strange energies will flourish’.


Official Selection November 2016

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