Director – Antwand Pearman

Genre – Musical, Fantasy, Animation

Duration – 1 minute 33 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : The Ballad of Icarus 2000 b.a.b is an animated, musical adventure about a teenage rapper who wants to use his magic skills to reach the top of the music world.He soon realizes that success comes with a heavy cost, as he is forced to use his gifts to hurt and control people. This path leads him face to face with a powerful, vengeful foe from his past.The Ballad of Icarus uses fantasy to explore the past and present truth about the music industry, those who influence musicians careers and the effect on loved ones.This young man just wanted to realize his dream of being a performer. But after all the sacrifices and fallout from his pursuit of this dream, he now wants to escape the industry and be free.


Official Selection April 2019

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