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Director – Rosario Brucato

Genre –

Duration – 15 minutes 43 seconds

Country – Italy

Language – Italian

Year – 2018

SYNOPSIS : Richard Blanz with social problems finds comfort only from the mother who urges him not to close in the house and above all not to get caught. The psychiatrist Fergurson diagnoses a social problem more than psychological. In Richard, with age advancing, he hates all those who mock him and acts violently with a girl who is deformed, talking to her friend hinting at the hunchback. It’s Richard who is secluded in a bushy corner and hears them. Richard follows them when he finds the identity card of the young man who laughed at him. He goes to his home where he can enter while the victim reads a book on the bed. The girl smiles in the stairs and goes down to the kitchen to close the door with the key. Richard is already at home and is staging him. She does not attack her immediately, but she will do it when she is in front of him as she gets into the bathroom.


Official Selection September 2018

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