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Director – Annamaria Talas

Genre –

Duration – 51 minutes 15 seconds

Country – Australia

Language – English

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : THE SCIENCE OF SUCCESS brings the audience an exciting, new understanding of how society works and offers insights into how success emerge. It’s the story of intersecting discoveries with an incredible conclusion: all success, from money, awards and impact follow mathematical patterns. We’d like to believe that luck, hard work or talent, mixed together in some magic proportion are the ingredients that create success. We feel injustice when for all our hard work someone else picks up the reward; a sinking feeling when our talent is overlooked for a job; an intuition that an unseen pattern might explain why some of us soar while others fail, how some people just keep on winning. But until recently, we were looking in the wrong places to explain success. In groundbreaking discoveries we reveal that success depends a lot less on us and a lot more on others and their collective response to our performance. In the age of Big Data where we can track achievements like a GPS tracks our movements, for the first time we can begin to see patterns in the fabric of society. Now, astoundingly, we are able to map and to predict the paths to success.


Official Selection January 2023

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