Director – Tamara Sushko

Genre –

Duration – 25 minutes

Country – Sweden

Language – Russian, Swedish

Year – 2021

SYNOPSIS : The strings of the soul

The film is about Natalia -Russian woman who has been playing the balalaika for most of her life and has a dream to be a big artist in a big sity. She came to Sweden to fulfill her dream, but she failed.

But one day new opportunities opened up for her: she got a job as a church musician in the North of Sweden, in Swedish Lapland. Now sounds music from the Russian balalaika, in old church in Arjeplog, but Natalia must also play on a new, unusual instrument for her – the organ.

Two other important characters in the film are the nature of Norrland, especially the harsh Nordic weather conditions, and the music that unites people’s souls, that plays a major role in the portrayal of Natalia’s character.

Will Three Strings, which express joy, sorrow and pain, impress traditional Norrbotten habitants?


Official Selection January 2021

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