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Director – Dmitri Frolov

Genre – Music, Absurd, Tragicomedy, Drama

Duration – 39 minutes

Country – Russian Federation

Language – Russian

Year – 2021

SYNOPSIS : “There will be no winters” – a film consisting of 14 short novels, each with its own plot and a musical theme. In fact, this is a screen version of the same album of Russian avant-garde singer Leonid Fedorov. A dark, abstruse text is as much an equal part of music as a double bass or a rustling sound that produces sounds to the beat. The last thing is actually a fragment of a telephone conversation, a song about Lady Diana – a song that the legendary avant-garde poet Anri Volokhonsky recites to Fedorov on an answering machine. Paradoxically, the film and music series has something in common with the present day, with the problem of an incomprehensible disease that grips the whole world. At the same time, each work carries a deeply personal subtext of the author. Unexpectedly strange and largely archaic music, the words of the texts, scattering in shades of meaning, backed up by stories captured on tape. All this together gives an unexpected context to the author’s intention of both the composer and the director. The soundtrack and the image are linked into one inseparable semantic knot. And the viewer is presented with the story of life, death, pain, suffering, happiness, loneliness, the search for the meaning of existence, love and loss. The film uses all genres from abstract, documentary, experimental film observation to feature film and all types of film fixation – super 8 mm, 16 mm, 35 mm film, color and b/ w…


Official Selection December 2021

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