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Director – Aaron Hawkins, Chris Shern

Genre –

Duration – 3 minutes 40 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2021

SYNOPSIS : Kimberly, haunted by grief and loss, seeks out the help she needs to find peace through group hypnotherapy. She is quickly singled out by hypnotist Harold, who she doesn’t realize is possessed by a great evil known as the Shh Man that lurks the earth every blood moon. She is brutally sexually assaulted and traumatized and shipped off to a mental hospital where she eventually gives birth to Harold’s child. 15 years later, the blood moon rises again, and Kimberly senses the evil has returned and her estranged daughter Erica is in serious danger. It will take all her resources, courage, and strength to find and save her daughter from the evil that lurks by the light of the blood moon.


Official Selection March 2021

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