Only Trailer Available

Director – Philip L Moore

Genre – Comedy

Duration – 2 minutes 20 seconds

Country – United Kingdom

Language – English

Year – 2018

SYNOPSIS : Filmed on a budget of just 2K, this clip was filmed as the concept for a comedy series based around a bunch of bungling “But lovable”crooks! Malcolm is the manager of a shop, his father and mother come from a long line of criminals, so are disappointed Malcolm has not followed in the family footsteps. With both, his parents away at her majesty’s pleasure, Malcolm’s father has asked Ox, and Spud to take Malcolm under their wing and teach him the ropes. However, Malcolm keeps getting things wrong. Ox and Spud are known as the Magpies, they have a reputation to uphold, something which is proving to be very difficult with Malcolm on board.


Official Selection October 2018

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