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Director – Peter Hepplethwaite / Philip L Moore

Genre – Drama

Duration – 4 minutes 34 seconds

Country – United Kingdom

Language – English

Year – 2018

SYNOPSIS : In a world of Love, Lies, and Prejudice; a “hard-faced” strip club owner Tim struggles to deal with his sexuality. His frustration reaches breaking point when Tims mother – Myrtle, who is a Transgender living with Dementia befriends a Transvestite named Pansy, who Tim finds himself attracted to. When Myrtle lands herself in trouble with the local shopkeeper Pansy comes to the rescue. Tim and Pansy’s relationship intensifies when the favour is returned in Pansy’s hour of need, bringing the two closer together. However as Myrtles Dementia becomes stronger old prejudices surface, making Tim and Pansy’s relationship even harder.


Official Selection October 2018

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