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Genre –

Duration – 25 minutes 49 seconds

Country – India

Language – English

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : One night stand is one movie that defines obsessive love and possessive psychopath leading to fatal attraction between two completely different human being .It might seem like an erotic thriller at first but the ending is totally unexpected and that is the main USP of the film. This film is the story of an one night stand hook up between two young individuals gone awry. John Bussey and Aimee reconnect with each other the very next day after their one night stand rendezvous. John seems infatuated and obsessed with Aimee and systematically stalks her .Aimee seems to live under confusion and fear of the shadow John’s disturbing and looming presence. But when the movie begins to take its turn and mystery begins to unfold then that’s what’s puts the audience into the dilemma of trusting a free willed young beautiful independent girl like Aimee or an innocent yet submissive lover John or don’t let their cupid saga distract them from their sociopathic redflag behavior. However after things get real and violent and ridiculous lesson is learned – be aware of the aftermaths of One Night Stands as it is always better to be safe than sorry


Official Selection March 2019

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